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New bathroom

The guest room “La fleur de sel” now has a completely restored bathroom: tiles, earthenware, basins, taps, mirror: everything has been changed. The bathtub has been replaced by a hydromassage shower and the toilet moved to be independent of the bathroom. A lot of work for this renovation which follows the installation of the jacuzzi in place of the living room in the downstairs room. We hope you will appreciate the comfort of this 35m² duplex with the bedroom and living room upstairs and the jacuzzi and bathroom on the ground floor.

Reopening of the Finnish bath

If you want to bubble, we offer several equipment:

-the Finnish bath for a moment of balneotherapy in the heart of nature

– the spa of the lodge la compagnie des indies installed on the covered terrace of the lodge

-the jacuzzi of the fleur de sel room recently fitted out on the ground floor of the room.

These last 2 items of equipment are private, that is to say they are exclusively reserved for the occupants of the room. So you can use them at the time you want and as many times as you want.

The Finnish bath is, on the other hand, a collective equipment. And since the pandemic, it has been privatized in the form of a 1 hour slot per room. It is therefore necessary to reserve before to be able to use it. It works like a hot tub; but its particularity is to be heated in a wood stove.

And to complete your moments of relaxation, you can book massages or well-being activities: yoga, relaxation, meditation, qi gong or Afghan walk. I trained in all these wellness approaches and I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.

For those who prefer idleness, our rooms have their own terrace equipped with garden furniture. You will also find deckchairs in the garden in which you can be lulled by chimes.

What to spend weekends well being in love or stays between friends to meet and relax.


A moment of relaxation at the Domaine de Kérizel.

Envie de vous reposer et de vous relaxer?

Au Domaine de Kérizel, vous pourrez profiter du sauna mis à disposition toute l’année ou encore de nos spas:

-le bain finlandais: bain à remous chauffé au poële à bois, situé à l’extérieur, permet de profiter de la nature. Si vous voulez en profiter, pensez à réserver car il s’agit d’un équipement collectif. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/balneo-nature/

-le spa privatif du lodge “la compagnie des indes” est idélament situé à l’abris des regards pour en profiter en toute intimité. Réservé aux occupants du lodge, ils peuvent l’utiliser quand ils le souhaitent et autant de fois que cela leur fait plaisir. Il est placé sur la terrasse couverte ce qui permet de l’utiliser même s’il pleut. Mais, ça n’arrive jamais en Bretagne ;). https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/lodge-la-compagnie-des-indes/

-le jacuzzi privatif du duplex “la fleur de sel”, situé au rez de chaussée de la chambre, pour buller et se délasser. Là aussi, ce spa est réservé aux occupants du duplex qui peuvent l’utiliser en illimité et comme il est à l’intérieur, aucun risque au niveau météo. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/chambre-fleur-de-sel/

Et pour vous aider à vous détendre, que diriez-vous de tester:

– la méditation de pleine conscience, technique qui consiste à orienter son attention sur le moment présent

-la relaxation qui permet de relâcher les tensions mentales et physiques

-le yoga qui est la pratique de postures physiques, d ‘exercices de respiration, de méditation et de relaxation qui vise à apporter un bien être physique et mental

-le qi gong ou l’art de faire circuler le qi dans le corps par des mouvements lents, des postures statiques, des marches, ou des méditations, dans le but de rester en bonne santé

-la marche afghane pour apprendre à marcher sans se fatiguer et à respirer efficacement.


Ou peut être préférez-vous recevoir un massage. Alexandra et Alexandre vous proposent:

-les massages ayurvédiques: composante à part entière de la médecine traditionnelle indienne, le massage ayurvédique permet d’atteindre le bien-être et la relaxation en rééquilibrant ses doshas de manière individualisée.

-le massage californien:effleurages doux, enveloppants et relaxants.

-le massages suédois: technique de massage dynamique qui vise à dissoudre les tensions et à raffermir les muscles et les articulations. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/massages/

Ou peut être que vous vous laisserez tout simplement bercer par les chants d’oiseaux et les carillons du jardin, allongés sur un transat et profitant du calme et de la nature préservée du Domaine, en sirotant l’une de nos bières ou l’un de nos softs.

A moment of relaxation at the Domaine de Kérizel.

Would you like to rest and relax?

At the Domaine de Kérizel, you can take advantage of the sauna available all year round or of our spas:

-The Finnish bath: a whirlpool heated by a wood-burning stove, located outside, allows you to enjoy nature. If you want to enjoy it, please make a reservation as it is a collective facility. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/balneo-nature/

-The private spa of the lodge “la compagnie des indes” is ideally located out of sight to enjoy it in complete privacy. It is reserved for the occupants of the lodge, who can use it whenever they wish and as often as they like. It is placed on the covered terrace, so it can be used even if it rains. But that never happens in Brittany ;). https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/lodge-la-compagnie-des-indes/

-The private Jacuzzi of the duplex “la fleur de sel”, located on the ground floor of the room, to bubble and relax. Here again, this spa is reserved for the occupants of the duplex who can use it in unlimited and as it is inside, no risk in terms of weather. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/chambre-fleur-de-sel/

And to help you relax, how about trying:

Mindfulness meditation, a technique that focuses your attention on the present moment

Relaxation, which allows you to release mental and physical tension

Yoga, which is the practice of physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation to achieve physical and mental well-being

Qi gong or the art of circulating qi in the body through slow movements, static postures, walking, or meditation, in order to stay healthy

Afghan walking to learn to walk without getting tired and to breathe efficiently.

Or perhaps you would prefer to receive a massage. Alexandra and Alexandre offer you:

Ayurvedic massages: an integral part of traditional Indian medicine, Ayurvedic massage allows you to achieve well-being and relaxation by rebalancing your doshas in an individualised manner.

Californian massage: gentle, enveloping and relaxing strokes.

Swedish massage: a dynamic massage technique that aims to dissolve tension and strengthen muscles and joints. https://www.chambres-hotes-gites-ambon.fr/massages/

Or maybe you will simply let yourself be lulled by the birdsong and the chimes of the garden, lying on a deckchair and enjoying the calm and the preserved nature of the Domaine, sipping one of our beers or one of our soft drinks.