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Massages and body rituals

Want to give you a break, a moment just for you ?

Take care of yourself

Or to give pleasure by offering a moment of relaxation

Or maybe to share a moment of relaxation with two

We offer our Wellness massages from India and Tibet

And our body rituals with oriental scents.

Body massage : Abhyanga with hot oil

Prices :

Duration 2h : 179 €

Touching the body in its totality, it takes into account the seven chakras, the fourteen nadis and the marmas: these strategic points, stimulated by different methods, adapted to the dosha (constitution) of each, are qualified as sensitive zones and act on the circulation. vital energy throughout the body.

The virtues of warm oils, combined with the precision and rigor of the practitioner, make abhyanga massage a practice covering a large number of benefits. At the same time toning and soothing </ b>, it promotes a generalized well-being, bringing a total harmony between body and soul.

Based on the principle of the circulation of energy, on both sides of the body, it stimulates the brain and the digestive system while restoring the skin to its softness. and its elasticity </ b>, thanks to the nutritional properties of essential oils. </ p>

Hasta Prana means bringing vital energy back into your hands.

Balance the Water element in us.

In Sanskrit: “hasta” means “hands” and “prana” means “vital breath”. Very soothing, enveloping, slow, gentle and firm pressure, smoothing and digipressure. According to ayurveda, each finger of the hand represents an element:

  • The little finger represents the element Earth
  • The annular element Water </ li>
  • The major element Fire
  • The index element Air
  • The thumb element Ether.

Hand massage with oil: "HASTA PRANA"

Prices :

Duration 45min : 69 €

Facial and Foot Massage: Mukhabhyanga

It helps with the good circulation of energies.

Indian Traditional Facial Massage is an beautifying and rejuvenating treatment, which brings a deep relaxation and an immediate well-being : in India, the beauty of the face is a reflection of our inner tensions.

Anti-stress and relaxing, it provides a feeling of general well-being that allows the facial line to relax, erase signs of fatigue and tension, and soften the skin.

Thanks to a precise and gentle gesture, it brings an anti-aging effect and restores radiance to the face .

This massage also acts on anxiety, insomnia, headaches and inner turmoil.

Prices :

Duration 45 min : 69 €

Modeling feet with oil "Pada Prana"

In Sanskrit “Pada” means foot and “prana” vital breath.

Pada Prana thus means restoring the vital energy in the feet: balance the elements Earth and Fire in us

Excellent for ending with oneself, it relaxes your head and body deeply , calm and secure. For people who feel a lot of excitement in their head: brain-storming, overflow, stress and pressure, feeling of grip in the head.

In India it says: “take care of his feet help calm the agitation of the mind … “
The feet symbolize our roots, our roots, our verticality and our stability on earth.

Prices :

Duration 45 min : 69 €

Shoulder and arm back massage: PECHOTI KALARI

Prices :

Duration 45min : 69 €

This massage focuses on the back (from the neck to the pelvis) and from the shoulders to the hands. It targets the muscle areas and the corresponding joints.

The dynamic gesture (FIRE element) and deep (EARTH element) has the effect of relaxing the muscles; the mobilization of the joints allows to relax them.

Advised to relax and tone!

Belly massage: "SARASVATI" with hot oil

the SARASVATI massage is a gesture that challenges the feminine dimension (Shakti) in progress. Empressly feminine in its essence, this massage of well being evokes the element “water”.

The benefits: </ em>



Gentle, mothering

Stiffening, thinner

Eliminates toxins

Pacification of internal tensions

Securing and repairing

Prices :

Duration 45 min : 69 €

Back massage and 7 chakras

You can not touch them or see them.

Yet, according to traditional Indian medicine, when one of our seven chakras is disrupted, all our physical and psychic balance is upset …..

Prices :

Duration 1h : 90 €

Tibetan Massage * Singing Bowl

Harmonize your energy centers to find your true essence with the chakra ritual: Tibetan bowl sound modeling for a perfect re-harmonization of your energy centers

Prices :

Duration 1h15 min : 115 €

Body Rituals

Oriental SIHANNA Ritual

India and the Maghreb put together in one enchanting and exotic treatment !!

It combines Ayurvedic care techniques from India and Magreb’s skincare techniques.

This ritual takes place on several levels:

Muscular, Lymphatic, Bloody, Stimulating, Relaxing, Refreshing

Prices :

Duration 2h : 179 €

Ritual way Hammam body

Prices :

Duration 1h15 : 115 €

Applying black soap with eucalyptus,

Passing under the shower

Exfoliating skin scrub with Kessa gloves.

Another passage in the shower .

To complete this complete treatment, a scented oil will be applied to massage all over the body.